What to expect from a Vimcasts workshop

You’ve already worked your way through the Vimtutor, right? I’ve prepared a series of lessons that follow a similar format: plain text files containing simple problems, with instructions on how to complete them. The tasks are carefully designed to demonstrate tips and tricks that will boost your productivity. We’ll work through them as a class, but you can take them at your own pace.

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The Fugitive Series - a retrospective

Fugitive.vim: a git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal. That’s how Tim Pope describes his git plugin for Vim. I’ve had fugitive.vim installed since it was released, but until recently I never took the time to figure out what was so awesome that could make it illegal.

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Vimcasts plugin for Plex now available

Fans of the Plex media center will be happy to know that there is now a Vimcasts plugin, available from the Plex online app store. It was built by Ches Martin, who was inspired when he saw that there was a Vimcasts plugin for Boxee. So now you can get your fix of Vimcasts straight from your media center. Thanks Ches!

A text-object for ruby blocks

Ever since learning about Vim’s text-objects I have wished that there was a way of selecting blocks in ruby code. Well, now there is. Today I am releasing a plugin that creates a custom text object for selecting ruby blocks. Merry Christmas!

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Working title: Practical Vim

I am very pleased to announce that the Pragmatic Bookshelf will be publishing my book on Vim. The working title is Practical Vim, and I hope to complete it by the spring of 2011.

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Last week, I gave a presentation at ArrrrCamp called Vim - walking without crutches. You can now watch the video on their website.

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Fill out the Vim user survey

I am considering writing a book on Vim. By filling out this survey, you can help me to gauge interest and target the book at the right level.

Thanks, Drew

Mac Classic - a light colorscheme

I could never find a light colorscheme for Vim that I enjoyed using, so I finally took the time to port the “Mac Classic” theme from TextMate. The source code is on gitub, so feel free to fork it.

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A number of people have contacted me to say that they would love to leave a tip, but object to using PayPal - the only method I provided for making donations. I had never heard of Flattr until recently, but a few people have requested that I integrate it into Vimcasts.org. I’ve always liked the idea of micro payments, so I thought I would give it a shot.

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Vimcasts now available on Boxee

Boxee allows you to watch movies, TV shows and clips from the Internet on your TV. Ever since Vimcasts launched, people have been saying “get it added to boxee”. Thanks to Clayton Parker I am happy to announce that there is now a Vimcasts app for Boxee.

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