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Mac Classic - a light colorscheme

I could never find a light colorscheme for Vim that I enjoyed using, so I finally took the time to port the “Mac Classic” theme from TextMate. The source code is on gitub, so feel free to fork it.

While making this colorscheme, I learned of a few useful tools. To get started, I used Marcin Kulik’s Coloration tool, to convert the TextMate theme into a Vim colorscheme. The result looked pretty good for syntax elements, but the colors for Vim’s interface needed some heavy tweaking.

I discovered Yuri Feldman’s hexHighlight.vim script, which detects hex codes, and highlights them with the color that they represent.

To begin with, I just created the “Mac Classic” theme to work in GVim, but people started asking if I was planning on making it work in color terminals. That was when I recalled that Shawn Biddle had created a script for converting GUI colorschemes to work in color terminals. I ran the “Mac Classic” theme through Shawn’s script, and was pleased with the results.

My latest screencast on creating colorschemes for Vim goes into more detail on how I used each of these tools.