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What to expect from a Vimcasts workshop

You’ve already worked your way through the Vimtutor, right? I’ve prepared a series of lessons that follow a similar format: plain text files containing simple problems, with instructions on how to complete them. The tasks are carefully designed to demonstrate tips and tricks that will boost your productivity. We’ll work through them as a class, but you can take them at your own pace.

The workshop learning materials are being developed in a private github repository. When you sign up for a Vimcasts workshop, you'll gain access to the repository. Don't worry if you don't have a github account - I can email you the necessary materials in time for the workshop.

On the day, we'll be up and running with a minimum of fuss. Don't take my word for it. Kevin Miller attended my Austin workshop, and said:

It was one of the smoothest training setups I've seen. - Kevin Miller

The core material covers two broad themes: efficiency and repetition. This video gives a taste:


Here are some more testimonials:

The Vimcasts workshop won't teach you shallow VIM tricks - that you can find online. Instead Drew reveals epiphany after VIM epiphany. You'll learn how the visual, normal and ex mode intersect and how they can be tamed into doing your will. You'll leave the workshop with a pattern language for constructing elegant and robust text operations -- or magic if you prefer. Drew was an articulate teacher and he effortlessly illuminated subtle distinctions that had eluded me during a previous year of full time VIM usage. All in all well worth the time and money.
@jackkinsella, Hackerpreneur OxbridgeNotes

I left the Vimcasts workshop thinking for the first time in my relationship with Vim that not only are there many ways of doing things in the one true editor, there might also be a right way.
Matt Johnson

I'm using the stuff I learned on a daily basis now (:args/:argdo FTW!) - it was an absolutely fantastic course.
Felix Geisendörfer, @felixge

I loved the interaction with the attendees, and the difficulty level was just right.
Piotr Szotkowski, @chastell