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Navigating Ruby Files with Vim

I’ve been collaborating with thoughtbot to produce three screencasts about Navigating Ruby Files with Vim. There’s 40 minutes of material in total, and it’s available from today. You can purchase these videos for $19, but they will also be available to thoughtbot Prime subscribers. Check out for more details.

The material is split between three videos. Part one covers a few techniques for quickly moving around and selecting blocks of code within a Ruby file. In the second and third parts, I demonstrate some techniques for quickly moving between Ruby files in your project, as well as any bundled gems and Ruby’s standard library. Part two shows how to configure your path so that gf and :find commands work, while part three demonstrates how to get ctags working effortlessly across all your Ruby projects.

If you use Vim to write Ruby, you’re going to pick up some valuable tips from these videos. The material is relevant no matter whether you work on Rails projects or on pure Ruby.

Please support my work on Vimcasts by buying these videos. Thanks!