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Join the Vim community on gittip

Gittip is a way to give weekly cash gifts to people whose work inspires you. If you’d like to support the people who help make Vim awesome, why not sign up and join the Vim community? (We need 13 more members to hit the 150 threshold.) I’ve set up a weekly gift for Tim Pope, whose Vim plugins I use every day.

If you’d like to support Vimcasts through gittip, then please visit my personal profile and set up a weekly donation. I don’t have a specific funding goal at present, but I’m grateful for gifts.

I already provide a couple of other options for taking donations. Each episode of Vimcasts has a flattr button and you can use PayPal to donate via the tipjar.

Occasionally, people have told me that they’d like to donate but they object to using PayPal. At present, gittip uses PayPal to transfer money to recipients who don’t have a US bank account, such as myself. As a result, any donations that I receive through gittip will in fact end up being processed by PayPal. Hopefully that situation will be rectified soon.