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Talks from VimLondon now on Vimeo

At the April Vim London meetup, we managed for the first time to record and publish videos of the talks. Check out the VimLondon Vimeo page to see all talks from our April and May meetups.

April – Navigating a codebase with Vim

At our April meetup, we had 4 talks on the theme of navigating a codebase with Vim. Kris Jenkins spoke about bare bones navigation – getting around without the aid of plugins. Guy Routledge gave an overview of some of the fuzzy finder plugins available for Vim. Oliver Caldwell introduced Vim’s ctags support. Claudio Ortolina showed off projections, a wicked new feature in 5.0 of the rails.vim plugin. All coverage is collected on the Lanyrd event listing, including slides and videos.

May – Insert mode features, Tern.vim, and Vimprint

Our May meetup wasn’t themed, but we had 3 interesting talks on diverse topics. Dave Aitken showed off some useful tips and tricks that you can use in Insert mode. Alex Young demoed the excellent Tern plugin for Vim. And I introduced my (embrionic) Vimprint project, which aims to visualize Vim keystrokes in realtime. Again, slides and video coverage are collected on the Lanyrd event listing.

3 Vim meetups on the same night!

Last night was not just VimLondon night. It was VimBerlin night and also Stockholm Vim night! Did I miss any other meetups? Let’s not forget that Vim Montreal met up the night before. Here’s the VimLondon crew sending a group hug to the other meetups out there:


It’s exciting that there’s so much activity in the Vim community these days! If you feel left out, why not start up a meetup in your own town? Rob Hoelz felt jealous of the activity going on elsewhere and complained about it. Now, there’s a Vim Meetup in Amsterdam!