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GitMinutes #8 - Drew Neil on Vim and Workflow

I was pleased to be invited to chat with Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen on the GitMinutes podcast recently. It’s now live! Head over to Episode #8 of Git Minutes and have a listen.

We discussed at length the Fugitive plugin by Tim Pope, and how it can be incorporated into your daily workflow with git. For more details, check out my 5 part series on the Fugitive plugin.

We also talked about how the Github compare view can be used to tell the story of the evolution of a codebase. I’ve found that this makes for a great teaching reference, and is preferable to viewing snippets of code embedded in a blog post.

If you follow Vimcasts and use Git, then you should check out the rest of the shows on GitMinutes. The show features stories, discussions, ideas, demos and other things useful for those using Git today.