Learn Vim at your own pace with my self-study Core Vim Course.

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Learn Vim at your own pace with my self-study Core Vim Course.

Upcoming workshops: Berlin and St Louis

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be running a Vim masterclass at Strange Loop, in September this year. The conference has a stellar lineup, so I’m looking forward to it eagerly. I hope to see you there.

Closer to home (for me anyway), I’ll also be running a Vim Masterclass in Berlin on April 20th, at LAUNCH/CO.

Read about what to expect from a Vim Masterclass if you’d like to know more about the format of my workshops.

Berlin, April 20th

Tickets for the Berlin workshops are available here:

The early bird price of £75 (€90) is available until 6pm on Friday, April 6th. After that, the price goes up to £90 (€108), so get in there fast! Eight tickets are available for each session. I’m happy to offer a further discount to the morning session for students. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

My book, Practical Vim, is set to be released as a Beta Book in mid-April. I’ll be in a mood to celebrate, so please join me for drinks in Friedrichshain after the workshops.

Sadly, the date for my Berlin Vim Masterclass clashes with the railsberry conference (my bad). If you want to do both, don’t worry about it. I live in Berlin now, so it’s easy enough for me to arrange another workshop here. If you want it to happen, sign up to bring another workshop to Berlin.

St Louis, September 23rd

Tickets for the Strange Loop Vim Masterclass are handled by the conference. First, you must register for Strange Loop, then pay an additional $100 to attend my workshop.

I’m planning to spend a month or so in the US, touring with my Vim Workshops. If you’d like to attend one, sign up to bring a workshop to your city. So far, it looks as though I’ll be making a stop in San Fransisco, New York City, and Seattle. I’d love to do more, so let me know where to make it happen.