Learn Vim at your own pace with my self-study Core Vim Course.

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Learn Vim at your own pace with my self-study Core Vim Course.

Publications by Drew Neil

Practical Vim

Practical Vim was published in 2012 by The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Here's the blurb:

Vim is a fast and efficient text editor that will make you a faster and more efficient developer. It’s available on almost every OS—if you master the techniques in this book, you’ll never need another text editor.

In more than 100 Vim tips, you’ll quickly learn the editor’s core functionality and tackle your trickiest editing and writing tasks.

Practical Vim has been described as "the book Vim has always deserved" and "a must-have for anybody who types". You can read 60 five-star reviews across amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.

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Navigating Ruby files with Vim

In 2013, thoughtbot commissioned a set of screencasts on Vim for Ruby developers:

One sign of an inexperienced Vim user is wasted time spent navigating within and between files. They search manually for method definitions, and type out long path-names to access files.

In this three-part series of screencasts, Drew Neil (author of Practical Vim and creator of vimcasts.org) will save you from this fate by teaching ultra-efficient navigation through Ruby code.

With Drew’s help, you’ll learn to jump directly to the class, method, or file you’re interested in with minimal keystrokes. You’ll cease to care whether something is defined in your project, a bundled gem, or the standard library.

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Practical Vim - Japanese Translation

Shintake has translated Practical Vim into Japanese. Here's the blurb from the publishers of the Japanese edition:


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