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Navigating Ruby Files with Vim

I’ve been collaborating with thoughtbot to produce three screencasts about Navigating Ruby Files with Vim. There’s 40 minutes of material in total, and it’s available from today. You can purchase these videos for $19, but they will also be available to thoughtbot Prime subscribers. Check out for more details.

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A text-object for ruby blocks

Ever since learning about Vim’s text-objects I have wished that there was a way of selecting blocks in ruby code. Well, now there is. Today I am releasing a plugin that creates a custom text object for selecting ruby blocks. Merry Christmas!

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If you work with ruby you will know that the interactive ruby shell, or ‘IRB’ for short, is a useful sketchpad for coding. But the command line interface of IRB can feel quite limiting in comparison with the power of your text editor. In this episode, I’m going to demonstrate how you can get the best of both worlds, by loading Vim from inside IRB.

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