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Practical Vim is a best-seller!

One year ago today, Practical Vim was released as a beta book. I’m thrilled with how the book has been received and I’d like to thank everybody who has purchased a copy. After a year of sales, I’m happy to report that Practical Vim is a best-seller!

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Amazon reviews of Practical Vim

The first five-star reviews for Practical Vim have cropped up, and I’m blushing after reading them. It’s been described as the book Vim has always deserved, and a must-have for anybody who types.

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Practical Vim now shipping

I’m happy to announce that the paperback edition of Practical Vim is now available. If you’ve pre-ordered, then your copy should arrive soon. Also, that means Practical Vim is no longer in beta. It’s been tech-reviewed, indexed, edited, typeset, and laid out. If you’ve been holding out for the final cut, then your wait is over.

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In the September issue of Linux Format magazine, Jonathan Roberts reviewed Practical Vim (the beta edition) and rated it 9/10.

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Announcing Practical Vim (in beta)

Working title: Practical Vim

I am very pleased to announce that the Pragmatic Bookshelf will be publishing my book on Vim. The working title is Practical Vim, and I hope to complete it by the spring of 2011.

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