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Amazon reviews of Practical Vim

The first five-star reviews for Practical Vim have cropped up, and I’m blushing after reading them. It’s been described as the book Vim has always deserved, and a must-have for anybody who types. Here are a few choice phrases:

This is one of the best technical books I’ve ever read: comprehensive but never dry. Peter

If I could give this book 6 stars, I would. …Satisfaction guaranteed. iynaix

If you’ve read Practical Vim, please write a five-star review on Amazon. It makes a real difference. On the day that the first reviews were written, Practical Vim jumped from #16 to #2 on the Amazon best-seller list for the Linux category.

Linux best sellers on Amazon, with Practical Vim at number 2

The number #1 spot is tantalizingly within reach. With your five-star review, we can get there! Here are a few more choice phrases:

you can either read the book sequentially or a recipe at random; the content is so masterfully narrated that each recipe stands on its own. Manoj

For many, Vim is this daunting program; it seems almost impenetrable. Practical Vim disarms this mantra, taking a lighthearted approach that makes Vim seem completely unlike that hard, unfriendly editor we once considered it to be. Mislav

I thought I was pretty proficient at using Vim, but that assumption was completely shattered a few chapters into the book. iynaix

I now reach for [Practical Vim] as a reference instead of searching the web. Mislav

I sincerely wish there was a hard bound copy of this book; I am sure my paperback will wear out soon after reuse and re-reads. Manoj

Thank you.