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Choosing a colorscheme that you find pleasing to look at is essential if you want to be comfortable working with Vim. There are hundreds of colorschemes available, but what if you can’t find one that you like? In this episode, I’ll share a few tips that make it easy to create colorschemes for Vim.

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Mac Classic - a light colorscheme

I could never find a light colorscheme for Vim that I enjoyed using, so I finally took the time to port the “Mac Classic” theme from TextMate. The source code is on gitub, so feel free to fork it.

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Here on, I use Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighlighter to colorize the code excerpts. I couldn’t find a syntax ‘brush’ for Vimscript, so I wrote my own. I also created a color theme based on the Blackboard scheme that I use in Vim (and TextMate).

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