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New Year's discount on Vim Masterclass

Make it your New Year’s resolution to use Vim more effectively. The quickest way to level up is by attending my Vim Masterclass, which will be online next Monday at 9am PST. As a one-off New Year’s treat, you can use the coupon: 2013-resolution-vim to get your ticket for £75. That’s a £20 discount! The coupon is valid until midnight (PST) on Friday, 11 January.

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Oil and vinegar - split windows and the project drawer

Do you avoid using Vim’s split windows because they’re confusing? That might be a problem of your own devising. If you’ve bolted a project drawer onto Vim, then you’ve added unnecessary complexity to Vim’s otherwise minimal interface. Split windows and the project drawer go together like oil and vinegar. I don’t mean to say that you can combine them to create a delicious salad dressing. I mean that they don’t mix well!

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Upcoming online workshop: January 14th

On Monday, January 14th, I’m going to teach my Vim Masterclass Online. It will run for 3.5 hours, from 17:00 GMT. That’s 09:00 if you live in San Fransisco, or 12:00 if you live in New York. Tickets cost £95 (approximately US $150), but there’s an £80 earlybird offer (approx. US $127) running until January 4th.

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Recap of the 1st Vim Masterclass Online

Yesterday was the world premiere of my Vimcasts Masterclass Online. It went great! Encouraged by it’s success, I’m planning to make this a regular occurrence. Watch out for more dates in the new year.

If you missed the chance to attend the first one, don’t worry! I’ve scheduled another Vim Masterclass at the same time next week. The EarlyBird discount price of £80 (approx. US $128) is available until the end of this week.

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Upcoming workshop: ONLINE

On Wednesday, November 28th, I’m going to teach my Vim Masterclass online. It will run for 3.5 hours, from 17:00 GMT. That’s 09:00 if you live in San Fransisco, or 12:00 if you live in New York. Tickets cost £95 (approximately US $150), but there’s an £80 earlybird offer (approx. US $127) running until November 21st.

This is a World Premiere! I’ve run my Vim masterclass over 20 times in meatspace, but never before in cyberspace. I hope that this will be the first of many.

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Øredev presentation: Vim - precision editing at the speed of thought

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at Øredev, in Sweden. Video from my session, Vim – Precision editing at the speed of thought can be found on Vimeo. You can view the slides from my talk on speakerdeck. Here’s the synopsis from my talk:

Vim’s modal editing model was conceived to meet the constraints of computing in the 1970s. The arrival of the mouse made intuitive point-and-click user interfaces the norm. While this was a boon for the novice computer user, it was a backward step for the power user. For a touch typist, there is no quicker way of editing text than with the keyboard.

This session won’t teach you much in the way of practical hands-on advice – for that, see my Vim masterclass. Instead, it will challenge your preconceptions about Vim, and inspire you to give it a second look. We’ll draw analogies with the mechanics of video games such as Quake and Street Fighter II. We’ll look at patterns in the game of chess, and see how they relate to the task of editing text. And we’ll learn what Vim users have in common with Scrabble players.

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Vim London - still alive in spite of

UPDATE: Vim London is back!

Yesterday, without warning, deleted the Vim London group. In their words, here’s why:

Your Meetup Group, Vim London, was brought to our attention as specifically promoting a product, which is not in compliance with our Terms of Service. Meetup is a community website and not a commercial marketplace… As a result of our inquiry, we’ve closed your Meetup Group and refunded your Organizer Dues.

In their generic message, they don’t indicate which product was apparently being promoted. The meetup group that we created has vanished, along with our list of members. That means I can’t contact our (already 50+) members to explain what’s happened, so I’m announcing it here.

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Command-line Special: 40% discount on Practical Vim

For a limited time, The Pragmatic Bookshelf is running a Command-Line Special deal. Use the coupon CommandLineFTW to get a 40% discount on Practical Vim. Other titles under offer include tmux by Brian Hogan, and Build Awesome Command-Line Applications by David Copeland.

This offer is valid until Wednesday, 24th October. You won’t find a better deal on Practical Vim, so don’t miss out!

Amazon reviews of Practical Vim

The first five-star reviews for Practical Vim have cropped up, and I’m blushing after reading them. It’s been described as the book Vim has always deserved, and a must-have for anybody who types. Here are a few choice phrases:

This is one of the best technical books I’ve ever read: comprehensive but never dry. Peter

If I could give this book 6 stars, I would. …Satisfaction guaranteed. iynaix

If you’ve read Practical Vim, please write a five-star review on Amazon. It makes a real difference. On the day that the first reviews were written, Practical Vim jumped from #16 to #2 on the Amazon best-seller list for the Linux category.

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Upcoming workshop: London, October '12

Once again, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be running a Vim Masterclass in London on October 31st, at Forward. You can purchase tickets from EventBrite. The early bird price of £85 is available until 7pm on Wednesday, October 24th. After that, the price goes up to £100, so get in there fast!

This could become a regular thing, now that I’m living in London.