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Praise for

I wrote the PeepCode screencasts on Vim. I watch your screencasts because I invariably learn something each time. Andy Stewart


These screen casts are great! I’ve been using Vi/vim for over 20 years and learned something new. Derek McLoughlin

Everything is perfectly timed and explained. You have a talent for teaching. anonymous

Best demo of VIM I’ve seen ever! Mike Subelsky

Vimcasts are great! Thanks so much. I’m learning a ton. Art is the single best screencast I’ve seen in the past two years. They’re very well put together, and cleanly edited. David Brady, on the Ruby Rogues podcast

They’re 5 minutes long each, and there’s like 35 episodes, so you can sit down and watch them all in whatever 35 times 5 minutes is. Except if you do that your brain will explode after about the 3rd one, because he really gets into some great details. David Brady, on the Ruby Rogues podcast

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Such a soooothing voice dmwit

I want to learn to speak like that. serpix

You know he’s smart from the accent. The fact he uses vim only means he’s genius. parallax7d

Best justification I’ve heard yet for modal editing. Well done. twillis1973

I love these. I’m pretty decent with vim already, but the way this guy explains things is just great! wzzrd

That was an excellent video with the most clearly understandable voice I’ve ever heard. serpix