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Getting Vim with `+clipboard` support

Many systems ship with a version of Vim that was compiled with the -clipboard feature disabled, which is a damned nuisance! Being able to access the system clipboard from Vim is an essential feature. Let’s look at a few ways of getting the +clipboard feature on OS X and Ubuntu.

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Stockholm Vim Meetup & Core Vim Class

I’ve got two upcoming appearances in Stockholm next month. I’ll be running a copy and paste clinic at the Stockholm Vim meetup, on 2nd December. Then on the afternoon of December 3rd, I’ll be running a Core Vim Class at The Park, Stockholm.

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Upcoming online workshop: December 5th

On Thursday, December 5th 2013, I’m going to teach my Core Vim Class Online. Tickets cost $255, but you can save 10% if you buy a $230 Earlybird ticket by November 29th. You can buy tickets from

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Book a private Vim class for your team

Does your team make heavy use of Vim? Why not book me for a private Vim training session and give your team a productivity boost? I can deliver my class online for companies based (or distributed) anywhere in the world, or I can teach on-site anywhere except the US. Here are my prices and terms. Get in touch if you have any further enquiries.

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Upcoming online workshop: October 28th

On Monday, October 28th 2013, I’m going to teach my Core Vim Masterclass Online. It will run for 4 hours, from 17:00 BST. That’s 10:00 if you live in San Fransisco, or 13:00 if you live in New York. Tickets cost £160 (approximately US $257), but there’s an £145 earlybird offer (approx. US $233) running until October 23rd. You can buy tickets from

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Change of pricing for Core Vim Class

I’m raising the price for my online Core Vim Class to £160. From now on, attendees will receive an exclusive hour-long screencast that summarizes the material from the class. The class itself covers similar material to before.

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Join the Vim community on gittip

Gittip is a way to give weekly cash gifts to people whose work inspires you. If you’d like to support the people who help make Vim awesome, why not sign up and join the Vim community? (We need 13 more members to hit the 150 threshold.) I’ve set up a weekly gift for Tim Pope, whose Vim plugins I use every day.

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Upcoming workshop: London, October '13

I’ll be running a Core Vim Masterclass in London on the afternoon of October 23rd, at Forward. This is a rare opportunity to attend my Core Vim Masterclass in person, instead of online.

You can purchase tickets for the London workshop from The early bird price of £160 is available until midnight on Wednesday, October 16th. After that, the price goes up to £180.

Navigating Ruby Files with Vim

I’ve been collaborating with thoughtbot to produce three screencasts about Navigating Ruby Files with Vim. There’s 40 minutes of material in total, and it’s available from today. You can purchase these videos for $19, but they will also be available to thoughtbot Prime subscribers. Check out for more details.

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Response to "Should Vimcasts go Pro?" survey

I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my recent survey about supporting Vimcasts via a subscription model. I’ve taken your feedback on board and have decided to keep producing free Vimcasts. I can cover this site’s running costs and support myself by teaching Vim classes and producing longer video tutorials to sell.

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