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Macbook Pro for sale - £900

I have a 15" MacBook Pro for sale. It’s a 2010 model, with upgraded RAM and SSD. Here are the tech specs:

  • 15" screen
  • 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8GB memory (maxed out)
  • 255GB SSD disk storage
  • power supply (UK adapter)
  • Good battery life
  • running Mountain Lion

UPDATE (8 July, 2013) – this MBP has sold already.

The operating system is licensed to me (not to the machine), so you’ll have to purchase your own Mountain Lion license for £14.

I purchased this MacBook Pro in April of 2010. It came with 4GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard disk drive. In November 2012, I upgraded to 8GB of RAM, and replaced the hard disk with a solid state drive (SSD). The SSD is smaller than the old hard disk, but it performs much better. These upgrades have given the machine a new lease of life.

I’ve replaced the standard feet on the bottom casing with Sugru-molded rubber feet, as described by this article. Also, there’s a Vimcasts sticker on the lid. I’d like to leave that on as a memento to the fact that this is the machine I used to write Practical Vim.