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Vimcasts publishes free screencasts about Vim, the text editor. The videos are distributed as a podcast, so you can subscribe using iTunes (or RSS) and download each episode for offline consumption.

Vim is infamous for its difficult learning curve, but those who manage to climb it insist that nothing can match Vim’s modal editing model for speed and efficiency. In each episode, Vimcasts takes one feature and demonstrates how it can be used to enhance your productivity. It’s like having a Vim expert at your side, which is the best way to master this difficult tool. Don’t take my word for it, look at what others have said about

What does it cost to sponsor Vimcasts?

Currently $145 per episode. Naturally, as traffic to the site increases, so will the cost of advertising. When you sponsor an episode you pay a one off fee. Future price rises will not affect past sponsors.

Your message will receive a 5-10 second slot in the introduction of an episode. Each video begins with the titles (10 seconds), followed by a 10-20 second summary of the topic that will be covered in the video. Then there is a 10 second slot for a message from the sponsor. All of this is accompanied by the Vimcasts theme. After your advert has finished, the music fades out, and the main content begins.

Having your message embedded in the video means that it will be heard by all subscribers, whether they watch the videos on the website or download them for offline viewing. I strive to keep the introductory material concise, so that viewers are not tempted to fast-forward to the main content.


The audience for continues to grow, but at the moment the statistics are as follows:

  • Average 10,000 unique visitors per month
  • Average 2,700 downloads per video
  • Over 1,500 subscribers to RSS feeds
  • Over 800 iTunes subscribers

You can view a spreadsheet summarizing the statistics for downloads of episodes 1-27. Upon request, I can also provide a report from Google Analytics to prove page view statistics.

Although Vim is still under active development, new releases are always backwards compatible, so the content covered on does not go stale fast. Episodes of Vimcasts don’t cover news. They are relevant today, and they will continue to be relevant as long as people are using Vim. That means that if you sponsor an episode, your message will still be heard regularly several years from now.

Target the power users

Vim is not for dummies. Anyone who chooses to invest the time in mastering Vim is likely to be a software power user. If you want your message to reach these people, then you should consider sponsoring Vimcasts.

Visitors to are fairly evenly spread in their preference for operating systems. Unix is strongly represented, with Mac OS X and Linux each being used by over a third of visitors. About a quarter of visitors use Windows, and a small slice of traffic comes from mobile devices.

So you want to sponsor

Great! I’ll need you to provide a 30-50 word script (roughly Tweet length), and a graphic with dimensions of 800px by 600px, which I will display as I read the script.

Drop me an email, on

Drew Neil